About Panjab National Public School

Panjab National Public (Sr. Sec.) School was established in April, 1990. It is situated in village Behrampur Zimidari, Distt Ropar, State Punjab. It is a premier English medium school that caters to the needs of more than 40 villages of Distt Ropar. The school is affiliated with CBSE, New Delhi up to Senior Secondary level. It was initially started in the village Library. Now, with God’s grace Panjab National Public School has sufficient land to impart the quality education to the children. The school takes pride in fulfilling all the amenities to school staff and students timely. The school has transportation system to provide the hassle free transportation facility to the students. The school is situated in lush green area and has a great ambience. The teachers are well qualified and highly talented who teach the students with full devotion. All the teachers understand the commitment to bring out the best in every child and to ensure the holistic development of the children. The school is providing quality education while giving them advance opportunities in co- scholastic areas and activities. The PNPS team always strives for the best in academic and non- academic areas.

From Principal’s Desk

Since its inception, Panjab National Public (Sr. Sec.) School has stepped into the great experiences which helped it to provide the quality and curriculum enriched education. The prime objective of the school is to impart the education that filled with the learning of human values. We are fully committed to provide education that helps to develop children into balanced personalities with sound values of love, respect, kindness, devotion and service before self. We prepare the children for the service of society through life skills activities. Our comprehensive curriculum is supported by a system of instructions to encourage our children to be experimented in their thoughts and precious so, to deal with PNPS team has Unique approaches for its’ children.

Simarjeet Kaur

Mission Statement of PNPS

The management and staff of Panjab National Public (Sr. Sec.) School seeks to create the challenging environment that encourage the students for learning all the required skills. We, all work towards an integrated curriculum that reaches across discipline and all age levels. The students are taught, guided and encouraged to meet the academic challenges with openness, enthusiasm and willingness. We provide the education that enables the students to be the refined citizens who can contribute to the society to make it healthy and sound. The school functions with the mission of leading its students to touch the sky. The school believes in investing the good & modern resources for the students which can help them to compete in the hi-tech environment.

Ideology And Belief of PNPS

PNPS’s belief is to provide a nurturing and mentoring environment, in which our students develop into productive, responsible, lifelong learners and self sufficient, healthy and well educated individuals who can contribute to the Society and Country. The PNPS team wants a great success to make the school a world market place in terms of Career aspirations.